"Why all this law?"

In all the days I’ve lived here,

On this tiny planet, spinning,

Through the dark space, the sheer,

Magnitude of it grinning,

Like it knows how insignificant,

My life seems, now that I know,

How all things must go.

Spinning, it seems less salient,

Then all we’ve ever thought.

Seeming, that I’ve been less patient,

In all the beauty forgotten,

In the souls of ours—now rotten.

I’ve waited long enough to find,

That too suddenly, slips my precious time.

Time to what? To fret? To weep?

To give in blindly to eternal sleep?

I want years and years,

Void of tears,

Void of pain,

I want the sun, and I want the rain!

I want that coolness on my tongue,

And with each word that I speak,

I want my knees to become weak.

I want colors to dazzle and beam,

Their vivid, lucidity in streams,

Into my pale soul,

Nature—please lighten it to passion,

In a lavish fashion.

Please lift it from the binds,

Of human law and time,

Free my soul! String it on spindles,

And spindles that never will dwindle,

On my swift existence,

Don’t leave my liberty to its resistance.

One day, perhaps all will see their fate,

And open their eyes to the fact,

That all of their lives are an act.

And I’ll be swirling unaffected.

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