"This is Ridiculous"

This is ridiculous. Can anyone tell me why I crave the taste of that flesh, so succulent and warm and sweet? It’s so tender, it’s so delicious, and it’s so delicate. It is hard not to startle them when you are creeping around, soundlessly and effortlessly. They are so unsuspecting and stupid. I can’t get the moans out of my sharp memory. I can’t get the sugary taste of hot spurting blood out of my wet mouth. I need to feast again tonight. I need to hunt.

Whispers of insects engorge the humid air around me. I pause for a listen . . . what can I prey on tonight? What can I sink my sharp teeth into? No one can touch me. I am strong and clever and beautiful and in need of some fresh sustenance.  Sometimes when I am at  the river quenching my thirst from a hot day I can hear the children in the distance. They are shrill and pretentious, and they are savory.

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