The Familiar Fragrance

A flowering tree in the distance illuminates the surrounding trees. It is so crooked and beautiful. The flowers have brilliant magenta petals and quiver in the gentle breeze. The air is warm, but the wind is cool on the skin. The closer I approach the tree, the more aware I am of a radical scent in the air. I bend my head close to one of the flowers; it seems to be emitting heat as well as fragrance from its golden center. Clouds gather on the horizon. This electricity fragrance confuses me. I quiver like the flowers as the wind forces onto me. Thunder booms in the distance. The meadow grasses rustle with excitement. The beautiful tree, unaware of the fast approaching storm, sits in its radiant splendor. It glows with a rare luminescence. There isn’t any substantial shelter for miles and miles. I am secluded. Rain drops splash on my scalp and exposed skin. They are warm with change. The sky is a dark slate grey. I run in the direction of the wind to gain momentum after I take one last glance at the bejeweled tree. The rain now soaks me to my core, and the thunder intimidates my mind. There is a small patch of woods now in my sight. I sprint towards them. Lightening strikes directly behind me! A clap of thunder nearly knocks me onto my knees, but I keep running.
I am inside the woods. The smell in here is earthy and pungent. The storm is less vicious under the shelter of the pines. Whatever wildlife inhabits this area are in secret hiding spaces. I am wondering where I am. I am not scared. The unusual fragrance of the flowers reminds me of something familiar. The roaring wind rips through the tops of the trees and sticks and pine cones pelt my body. Covering my head, I close my eyes and try to remember how I got here. . .

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