The Dream

I wake up screaming, someone is trying to calm me down. I open my eyes and they are above me. A familiar face turns to bones and blood. It rips my body open and fills my mind with the screams of an animal. Louder screams wake me up in my own bed. It is dark. I was dreaming. I go to walk down the hallway. I stop as I feel the presence of heat behind me. I spin around to find nothing. The hallway is quiet and dark and cold. I feel the heat again, this time in the form of breath on my arm. I turn around slowly, but am cut short by a strong force. It slams me against the wall. My face is in the wall as it shreds my back with teeth and claw. I yell for help through my impossible screaming only to find I am once again back in my bed. The clock on the wall is ticking in an otherwise silent room. I don’t have a clock.

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