"The Choirs"

Swim in notes subdued. Deudbus seton ni miws

I’ve waited long enough, wallowed in irrelevant fluff,

To find some words worth hearing, inside me, I can feel them leering,

Leer away, my faint, foes rolling, down a stair I’ve once seen, strolling

Through a backward alley way, flooded with minor chords and waves

Of sounds only demons hear, but, if you stand too near,

They’ll catch you with their clasping claws, looming, crimson, ensanguined jaws

Of spun needles, pointed precisely, into a realm where no one will find me,

Well, well, have I not heard a choir so enticing, that I have for years missed the unsound slicing?

Of what other echoes filled my chest? Oh! These knee shattering, teeth chattering slivers!

Gives even the most adequate shivers,

That slide and nibble on the spine. I wish I had a more appropriate mind,

To soak in the unforgiving orifice of haunting, lovely, live-long, laughing horrors,

Please dance upon my faint skin more, lift yourself up from your silver chair,

Give to me your most passionate stare; I had no inclination you still were there.

See if I cave to your pretentious harmonies, and I’ll forever sway to the melodic anomalies.

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