"So. . ."

Upon looking into one stranger’s eye,

I saw the rays of eternity,

And now how certain it speaks to me,

That one day I may die, crying

Over countless of hours spent sighing

About trifles.

When will I truly see?

The third eye looking down on me,

Sweeping me over with warm reverie,

No pain, no sorrow, no anger,

I see in this slight stranger.

Don’t pity me, for I am ahead,

Of playing a game most of us dread,

I question myself and morals becoming,

The cruel rules of a society shunning,

Games such as these, thinking—

People are better on their knees.

Look away! Look away! Don’t let them

See your tears,

But more immediate, let them not sense your fears,

They play off and swallow—

Each soul that is hollow.

Let it all go, don’t give in,

To their false ideas of goodness and sin,

Let peace take you to places,

Even I’ve never been,

And we’ll live in harmony,

And time will fade away,

And hours will not be slaves to a day,

And each of our particles,

Will stream into space,

To be contented in a much better place,

For I can see in this stranger’s face.

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