"Snake Eyes"

Warmth. . . .Oh! It is considerable warmer over here than over where I just slithered. The enticing earth makes me hunger for warm blood around my fangs. Wait for it. Wait for the cue. Wait for the scurry. I sense a body scurrying to my slight right. SNATCH! Mmmmmmmmmm! Render to the poison.. . . hm, hm, ha ha hmmmmm. . . mmmmmmmmmmm. Delicious mouse blood. Delicious mouse insides. I won’t eat for another week after this plump meal. There is nothing more sweet than a tiny female mouse in heat. I’ll snake away now, under the cool evening breeze. I can see it in the trees, but I cannot feel it on my oily scales. With a full belly I move slower, happier, and more dazed than usual. I had been on the hunt for weeks, longing to fork my quick tongue on some unsuspecting rodent hide. Noiselessly slumbering in the soil and the brush. Dreaming of a nice rodent life without devious snakes licking its soft, pink, unsuspecting, slumbering rodent ears. Yeesssssssss. I was looking for a very long time, but now is the time to slither without a destination. I go now into the progressing night to sense what I can.

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