"Saturday Night Anger"

I think I can hear my blood boil . . .it’s loud and painful.

Come closer and I’ll maim you.

Closer and I’ll deface you

With my teeth.

I’m so angry I could burst. . . I don’t know what’s worse.

I’ll bite your lips off if you speak.

My teeth are cracking! I hate this!

I won’t debate this.

I am suffering, is anyone else?

I am sure of it. . . what a cruel trick to play on my happiness,

Forget it.

I hate it.

What am I being punished for?

Is it the pills?

Forsake them!

Don’t take them.

Don’t give me your advice. . . it’s nice

Not hearing it.

What does it matter what I know. . . it won’t make me happy.

Though I am not even trying,

I’m dying.

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