A lucidly lost focus

Drowns your unrefined mind,

And it only plans to choke us,

But that is my favorite kind.

When killing if loving once more,

And blood starts tasting delicious,

That’s when it is myself, I deplore,

When turning so god-damned malicious.

Then, such things stand before me,

And obstruct my receding view,

As if I could ever rightfully see,

Sound morals, though there are so few.

An unethical, untaught intellect,

Seems to be standing alone,

So no others’ influence can intersect,

A cold demeanor that truly once shown.

Now a rushing of emotion,

Painfully take,

The last of your devotion,

My terrifying mistake.

What is placidly fleeing from sight?

All of it, menacing lies,

And all of them speaking of a startling light,

Yet, all I hear now are grave sighs.

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