"Obtuse Deja Vu"

I sat by myself, patiently waiting for the storm.  The air tingled with electric life and it tainted every one of my senses with anticipation. Underneath me the frail grass bent with the warm, summer wind.  I glanced up and focused my view on the incoming clouds hovering above the trees.  The charcoal-grey color of the clouds sought the jade leaves seamlessly.  They were the most unlikely match, yet the image was stunningly beautiful.  A roll of thunder laid its tones deep within my chest.  While I reveled in that beloved feeling, I caught a glimpse of a person walking out of the woods ahead of me. The pace of this person was unnatural.  While sauntering around, the strange being occasionally stopped to look up at the sky.  I winced.  A cool drop of rain splashed on my bare shoulder, breaking up my gaze, and I did shudder under the feeling.  Soon I found that this unusual person was a man as he made his way towards me.  I shuddered once more. I softly wondered why he was out in the weather as well. Of course, I knew the reason why I was out there, but then not many people enjoy sitting before the eruption of a violent thunderstorm.  The sky continued to darken and the stranger now stood before me.  He sat beside me as if I was a good friend of his.  His dress was of a peculiar occasion.  The ivory suit he was wearing was speckled with scarlet stains.  I silently wondered if the crimson spots were blood, but my concentration shifted to his eyes of rapture.  They held a familiarity that saw straight through my mind leaving me feeling raped.  No one had ever affected me in that way before.

“Nice day for a storm” he calmly stated.  My mind drew within itself.  I did not understand his strange manner.  A flash of lightening illuminated his face and reflected in his arresting eyes. “I am going to tell you a funny little story of mine” he told me.  I was speechless, all I could do was nod my head and listen to his lulling voice.  Giving me an insane grin, he began his tale regally.


It all started one pale summer morning; the sun was beaming, though the birds were surprisingly still and silent. Everything was peaceful.  But I, I was not content with that peace.  Something in my soul was insatiable.  I needed something more, though I did not know how to attain such satisfaction.  I ceased to stare out my window at the blissful letdown.  Getting out of bed was hard, but the promise of wearing my suit tempted me out.  The suit was my absolute favorite, the ivory fabric felt so comfortable against my skin.  In its pockets held the one thing I ever had the allowance to perform an immoral act with.  Not that I felt murder was immoral; actually I believed it would be rather amusing, and fun! You know, to plan a murder, you need to be quite clever.  I was never skilled in planning events like this out, but do not sympathize for my ungainly disposition.  Anyway, I just dreamed up these unsound ideas and they thrilled me.  Most of the time, I never followed through with them for fear that I would be caught.  Today, however, I felt as though I needed to do this.  I longed to achieve that sensation I dreamed of:  the feeling of taking a life.  Closing my eyes, I saw the very person I needed to slaughter.


He paused from his story and looked me up and down. The long stare made me uneasy. “Are you ready for more, love?” he questioned. Something suddenly clicked in my brain.  I knew I had heard that voice before, but where?  Fixing his gripping eyes on me, he excitedly continued.


She was the most radiant girl I had ever seen.  I always watched her through my window while she walked her dog. That innocence she held was what made me unfathomably upset.  I hated her for being in such high spirits and I knew there was only one way to fix that.  I read the clock, 9:23, and any moment she would pass my house.  Before anything else could prevail I was down the stairs, out the door, and on the look-out.  There she was, right on schedule, and oh, so exquisite. I felt my own heart grow curiously chilly from the sinister thoughts provoking my psyche.  Ever so slyly, I sidled up next to her and gave her a charming smile.

“Hello” she said.  Her voice wavered a little in that greeting.

“Lovely day for a stroll, wouldn’t you agree?” I politely inquired.  I was not about to let suspicion get the best of her.

“Have we met before?” asked the girl.

“I don’t believe so, darling”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course, you should not worry over such silly things, precious.”

“You are an odd one.”

“I suppose.  May I walk with you for awhile?”

“I guess so.”  The ground seemed to hold a lot of interest as she stared at her shoes.  I licked my lips; she reeked of submission.

“Perfect!” I thought aloud.

“What did you say?” she questioned.  I only shook my head and consolingly touched her shoulder. The skin was heated by the sun overhead.  By the disgusted expression on her face, I could tell my empathy was not working to my advantage. “You should go” she boldly dismissed.

“Oh, come now, you know you want to spend more time with me” I persuaded.  I could see right through her. She was definitely tossing the subject around.

“Where do you want to go?” she finally said.

“I was thinking we could walk through the woods, it is lovely in there.”

“Okay, but when we pass my house, I have to drop off my dog.”

“Fair enough!” I exclaimed. After she took care of her little dog, she followed after me in silence.  The day drew on and all I could think about was how sweet her blood was going to taste.  Nervously, she played with her hands and fluttered her eyelashes.  It was only going to be a matter of time before those pretty little eyes would glass over.

“Ah, here we are.” I sighed while stepping into the shadowy woods.  I could tell she was apprehensive to this whole situation.

“Ss, so now what should we do?” she stuttered.

“Oh I know!” I screamed.  She jumped back in surprise with eyes widened in shock.


“Do you like the game hide-and-seek?”

“Yes, a little bit.”

“So, let us play!”  We discussed awhile on how the game was going to go. She agreed to hide, after much coercing.  A breeze rustled the leaves overhead as I turned to an old, ancient tree.  I started to count . . . one . . . two . . . three . . . four . . . five . . . six . . . seven . . . eight . . . nine . . . ten . . . “Ready or not here I come!”  I set off to find my angelic victim.  Tripping on a tree stump, I fell heavily onto a blackberry bush.  My ivory suit was ruined!  I could feel my temper rise, but I suppressed my rage and tried to find the girl. The space around me was getting darker and I could hear thunder in the distance.  In a wild desperation I yelled out, “Let us play a different game now, love!”  I waited and held my breath for a reply, but there was none.  Now I was shaking with disappointment.  I wondered if she sneakily slipped away, perhaps in fear.  My knife felt heavy in my suit pocket.  That tiny reassurance gave me the will and thrill to find her.  The dense trees made it difficult for me to find my precious way.  After what felt like hours, I stepped out onto the clear path.  The grassy plain was endless and so pacifying to behold.  Looking up at the sky, I smiled at the foreboding clouds.  I kept on walking in the stormy ecstasy with only one thing on my mind.  Just when I started to lose all hope, I saw her.  She was sitting in the grass like she was in a trance of some kind.  I made a straight line from me to her and followed it.  Then I sat beside her.


He stopped talking and held my arm, his grip was inescapably tense.

“Found you” he whispered in my ear.  My eyes widened in fright as his hold on me grew more intense.  He could sense my fear and I did not know what to do.  Never in my life had I been so panicked or lost.  The rain grew heavy and it blurred my vision. My disturbed guest stood above me.  His eyes flashed with a certain madness I could not understand.  Reaching into his suit pocket, he pulled out a gleaming knife. I felt pain by just looking at the razor-sharp edge.  He took my arm and held my wrist out.  The first slice left me in agony.  The wind whipped my hair around my face obstructing my sight.
Although I could not see him, I could feel what he was doing.  I felt sick, it was so unmistakable, yet I did not know exactly how I knew.  I never had someone taste my blood before.  I could sense the hot vapor of his mouth on my wrist. His wet tongue tasting my life. “I drink to you and your content,” he calmly toasted.  I shut my eyes for a moment and feared the worst.  He brought me to my knees and held that dreadful knife over my heart.  Drawing back, he slowly brought it back to its original spot. He was aiming. Tears streamed down my face as I saw the blade point fall upon me.  Lightening once again illuminated those eyes.


I awoke with a start.  Horrified, I waited to die, but then I came to my senses and realized I was in my own bed. I shook off the last remnants of the aftershock. Never had I experienced such a plaguing nightmare. I pulled back my curtains, letting the sun shine in. I looked at my clock, 9:19, it was time to take my dog for a walk just like all the other days.  Everything seemed so peaceful after that nightmare.  Our walk was nice, and there was a forecast of a storm later, which excited me.  We walked on without a care in the world.  Things at the moment just were perfect until I realized I was not alone.  I was sorry to say that I had not seen my swift company.  What a strange character to wear an ivory suit in the middle of summer.  He did appear most familiar.  I searched my faltering memory for a clue. Then the realization hit me. He was the disturbed character from my lucid dream.  I lifted my head to look him in the eye.  The recognition was

overwhelming.  Nonchalantly, I slowed my pace to make an escape in the other direction.  He caught on and tried to grab me, but only found my dog’s leash in his clutch.  I took off, not even caring what would happen to my poor little pet.  Sweat rolled down my forehead and blurred my eyes. I could hear his heavy footfalls behind me, getting closer, and closer.  Hope found its way through my fleeting state of mind as my house came into view.  I scrambled on the porch and tried to open the door.  My wet palm slipped on the door handle.  My heart sank as I realized that my own foolishness would be my ultimate downfall.

“Door locked, love?” He whispered into the back of my neck.

That voice paralyzed each one of my tainted nerves. I tried to think of what I could do.  My eyes fell upon a rusty old rake beside the door.  It was worth a try.  Catching him off guard, I snatched the rake up, whipped around and took his legs out from underneath him.  He yelled out in pain and looked up at me with watery eyes.  Remembering my dream, I made a grab for his pocket. I held the knife above him only a second or two just to see his shattered expression.  The cut was clean and swift.  Blood still poured from his middle as I shakily found the spare key under a rock in the garden.  After I got in, I went straight to my room where I sat in a daze.  I could not believe I just killed a person so easily.  It felt kind of exhilarating, actually.  It wasn’t until then that I noticed the bloody knife still in my grasp. I stared at it.  I could feel a smile creep upon my face.  Slowly, I got up and went to go outside.  Standing on my porch, I deeply inhaled the sweet air.  Maybe, maybe I could learn to like this new found power. A divine power. How long had the undertones of a sinister state been lurking in my veins? How long? I can only wonder, and I can only wait for the storm.

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