Nothing can see me now. I am obliterated. I am a floating head aimlessly drifting among the fifth dimension. I pause. This point in time I have already seen. I have already witnessed. The maze is upon me as I have already revisited a different version. Cold bricks line the walls around me, so cool they seem without the sense of touch. I float along. I continue down the twisted tiled path. This place I know is enormous. This place I know has traps everywhere. I find the bathroom area. There are rows and rows of toilets. Old, dirty, dripping toilets and a cold dirty concrete floors. There are no doors for the stalls. There are no accommodations in these bathrooms. There is no sanitation. For some reason I am aware of many floors above me. I am climbing stairs now. Higher and higher I climb until I reach a small stone door in the center of a perfect stone hallway. I push the heavy door open. It scratches the floor. I am now conscious of my body. I see my hands slapping the ground in front of me. I crawl for ages hoping to find the top. At the top I can breath fresh air. At the top I can be free again. Stopping at a split pathway, I look to the left and feel oddness in the distance. I turn to the right and feel sickness breathing it’s putrid breath on me. So I proceed through the left hallway. The hallway is narrow and tight. I squeeze along and think of the freedom, but my hoping is cut short by a movement in the wall. They are sliding now. Slowly they groan against the brick floor. The walls enclose around my slight body. I try to wiggle free, but the ceiling is also descending. I moan with agony and regret! The walls slowly compress my shoulder blades together. I cry out for rescue. The ceiling mounts my body and crushes it  to the floor and stifles my voice. I squirm as the walls burst my skull.

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