“Nightmare #5”

Somehow I am in my old bedroom. The one from my childhood. The lavender carpet and walls that used to calm and soothing,  now  provoke me into an uneasy and anxious state. The door is open slightly. I hear scuttling on the wooden hallway floors just outside my bedroom door. I climb up on my bed in fear and wait. The outside glow is red and forbearing as it blankets my room in a disheartening glaze. My bed is larger than usual. Something is in my room. My eyes close. There in my old, lavender bedroom, it waits for me to step one foot on the pastel carpet. I don’t move. I don’t breathe.  The creature waits. I don’t move and breathe for hours. Trusting my instincts, I get down from my bed and go to close the door. My foolish act gets cut short by a movement in the corner. The corner where my long, white  window curtains  brush the floor. It is hiding underneath them, wiggling and ready to attack. I want to leave, but I don’t. I step one step. The curtain shudders. I prepare my nerves for  pain and walk slowly to the curtains. The walk takes hours as if my feet are heavy with concrete bones. The curtain is still. The room is quiet. I bend down to see what is underneath the gauzy white fabric. The lump under it is still. I reach out my hand to touch the shrouded creature. I feel a hard shell underneath the cloth. I retract my hand with shock and turn to leave the unusual creature. I don’t want to see it. Without warning it is in front of my bare feet! I can’t scream! My throat is swollen with anxiety. The creature is small and it is breathing heavily. With the body of a turtle and crablike legs of a crusty spider it scuttles towards me. I can’t move. Its salamander head is full of protruding sharp teeth. It looks at me. I can’t move. In the moment when my heart is about to burst with fear, it quickly scuttles away. I hear it scuttle down the hallway. I hear it scuttle all the way down to the basement.

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