Nightmare #3

The night sky is overwhelming. My eyes behold the planets. They are close and loom overhead with an impending gloom. The magnificent spheres intrude on my thoughts. They are too close. Jupiter is the closest with its gaseous presence it hovers and waits. I wonder what is happening. I wonder why everything is paltry and bland in comparison to the radiant planets and moons. The stars, however, are still very far away. Some of them are moving in a circular motion. Some of them zoom  in straight lines. I am confused. I feel the void. The endless entirety that is everywhere and nowhere. It consumes my human mind.  It creeps up my spine and suffocates me. The world is ending. Unsure about my surroundings, I aimlessly try to find my loved ones. My attempt is short-lived because I know they are already gone. Loneliness shrouds my heart and halts my search. I look up. Saturn is above me, it’s menacing rings are in full view. Such beauty should not be able to evoke such hopelessness, but it does. I know I will die alone.

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