Nightmare #2

A cold darkness wraps me in its perpetual greed; it takes from my heart, and it takes from my soul. The darkness stifles my caution as I head down the dripping wet hallway. Wooden planks squelch underneath my bold footsteps. I know this house. My mind recognizes it, but my body tells me it is bigger than before. I don’t know where I am going. Many different doors line the hallway walls, and I know I cannot enter them.  I walk for days. After some time,  my neck hairs pick up a draft. I pause and turn to my left. There is a door in front of me. This door is large and solid. Flickering light streams from underneath it. Bending down to look underneath the slit, I suddenly feel the urge to enter. This hallway is not safe. Something terrible inhabits this space, so I enter the room and close the door. Inside, I notice the room is generally empty except for an unusually tall china cabinet. The cabinet is decaying and empty and stretches up toward the extremely high ceiling. There is also something else in the room. In the opposite corner sits a television. A flickering silent picture. All of a sudden I hear scratches on the door as they echo loudly in the empty room. Whatever lives out there is after me! I climb the cabinet in a haste for my safety. The scratching continues for awhile then stops suddenly. I wait for a sound. . . .nothing. I wait for a scratch. . . . my spine curves in a painful shape as I sit and wait atop the wretched furniture. Then the door creaks open an  inch. I hear heavy panting. I see a large white snout. I hear panting and I see teeth.  I see numerous white, long, sharp, protruding teeth. At this moment I realize I am not safe in this room. I should not have chosen this room. I look over and the creature is beside me! It’s hot breath steams my exposed neck. It is small and muscular. An eyeless head with an immense open mouth is around my neck. I know if I don’t move it won’t bite down. If I shiver, each of those long, crooked-sharp teeth will puncture my throat. It pants heavier, wanting me to move, wishing me to submit. In a split decision I turn to jump and it clamps! It clamps so hard my eyes bulge with suffocation!  Each set of knife teeth, both top and bottom, impale my soft, neck flesh. With each wince of pain it chews. My spinal cord relaxes. I let it finish.

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