Nightmare #1

I open my grey eyes. I yawn away the sleepiness. Shaded shapes in the room turn into focus around me. My room is quiet and cool and safe. My bed is soft. I turn to look at the window, but the window is not open. I do not remember closing it. The hour of night is uncertain. There is no wind outside, because I do not hear the trees tapping on the window glass. Getting up to look out my window, I notice that my legs feel lighter as a step. I look.  I can only see blackness on the window’s face. I see my pale reflection staring back into my confused eyes and then spotting the door behind me. I ponder as I stare at its silent reflection. I do not remember closing it. Turning to the bedroom door, I hesitate only a moment before I twist its silver handle. The door is heavier than I thought.  The hallway is dark and shadowy. The hallway is longer. The hallway is quiet, and I don’t hear my family sleeping. Their doors are closed. The handles are missing. A horrific familiarity unzips my spine. Cold needles poke my scalp. I don’t want to go downstairs, but I keep walking. The wooden stairs are unstable. The handrail is missing. With each step I involuntarily take; I remember why the window and doors are closed. It closed them. With each step I am closer to the only way out of my dark house. This one I know is open. Loud heartbeats thrust against my ribcage. Now the door to the outside is in front of my small shaking body. The handle is black and cold. I see it turn slowly. I don’t want to go out there! Some sort of magnetism pulls me closer and closer until the door swings open and I am flung outside! The neighborhood is gone! In its place is a strange plain. A never ending plain of cracked black mud with pulsating lava underneath me. The sky is a hazy purple bruise. I see a horizon splattered with blood red thunderclouds and inky tornados in the distance. I am terrified! I know what is coming. There is nowhere to hide. My nightmare is above me. It breathes fear into my spine and hopelessness into my heart. I cannot move. With an inaudible voice it terrorizes my mind. This is the end. This is hopelessness. I am sick with internal mutilation. I am suffocated by the nightmare as it feeds on my throat. I don’t move. The ground turns sticky and begins to swallow me whole! The tornados swirl closer, the sky shades darker. I would scream if I still had a mouth, but my skin is melting. I get a glimpse of the nightmare as it forces me into the ground. I see sinew and scales and darkness. Its needle fangs prick my eyes. Red fills my mind. I won’t wake up from this nightmare.

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