You lie down to take a nap. Laying there, your body starts to fall asleep before your mind does.Your body is warm and heavy. You can feel your breathing get slower. In and out, the breath rolls out. In and out, the breath is warm. Your head is fuzzy. Your body is fuzzy. Behind your eyelids you can see swirling fractals and geometric patterns unfold and twist. Black and white. Big and small. In and out. Your mind is warm and fuzzy. You cannot tell if the bed or your body is vibrating as you lay in your mind and in your body, still. A sound comes loud and soft and seamlessly matches the patterns you see in the darkness of your mind. The vibrations become the sound. You rip your consciousness away from your body. It rolls right over the bed. The air is electric and slow as you look down at your new hands you can feel but cannot see. Looking down, you can see your old body laying in the bed, breathing. You are there and you are here. Pulsing shocks seem to move your airy legs forward as you walk toward the door, no need to open it. Everything is so warm and good. You float down the staircase as the afternoon sunlight shines in with a hazy luster. You can hear the other people in the house but you cannot see them just the house in the sunlit afternoon. Everything is wrong. The table is different. There is a new room here. New pictures, more floors.  Its time to go. You ascend upwards through the roof into the sky. Your heart is full of joy as you climb higher and higher. Up you fly into space. Its dark and quiet. The stars and planets hang like jewels before you. Its peaceful here. And just as soon as it happened you are pulled so quickly back into your body. Your body that was lying there waiting for you. You open your eyes at the flat white ceiling. You feel heavy and pressed into something too tight for you now. You get up and finish the rest of your day.

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