"Immerse into Inquiry"

Farewell: a dismissal was so cunningly late,

Cunningly, following an unknowing fate.

One that was foreshadowed by

A wind, so cold,

Stifling every whisper that you

Have not told.

Now all of the whispering is lost

And it is fading,

Losing the expression, it is shading,

It is shading.

What it this shade doing out at this hour?

Brushing over your eyes, so that

You shamefully cower.

I cannot comprehend this

Influencing right.

I cannot defend my will to live

In that fright.

So, a parting for my actions,

Seems a likely event,

Even though these days have been so,

Illogically ill spent,

Whatever the trivial case may be,

You will soon be well,

However, this trivial place isn’t free,

So I bid you, farewell.

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