"Humanity Created God"

There is this  idea, that one supreme being,

Fashioned all of the universe.

Yet, sitting here thinking, all that I’m seeing,

Is a theory of the most perverse.

You fools will sing, and eulogize and tremble,

At hands that they know resemble,

Your own slick mitts, and your own slick wits,

Can’t save you from a very sad truth,

That when you uphold your creator,

All you shiverers and you shakers,

You found that there are some loops.

People created God,

Imagine that?

Everything could not be made in seconds flat.

You are worshipping magic,

Like silly, fumbling cavemen,

And you think you can kill, and be saved then,

By uttering a few words,

That is so absurd!

Well, whatever helps you rest your head,

Knowing that when you are dead,

There will be a place created by you!

Do you find that hard to construe?

There will be no houses, no fountains, no angels,

No golden spoons, and no sugar-spun sails.

These are human things,

Imaginings and dreams.

Less evolved minds created an answer,

An overrun, and a way overpriced disaster,

Of a god or gods—we formed them all,

So just remember that as you are ready to fall,

Down on your death bed, all shuddering—and wasted

Was your life praising, something you created.

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