I asked them once to go away,

Twice was too much, even to ask,

One more concept harder to grasp,

Go ahead; ask them one more time,

One more crude and shameless crime,

Hold my face and ask me why,

Why is it, that shyness bends,

Beneath purple drapes of petals,

Molded into perfect blends

Of swirling, sweetened, shine-less metals?

And lurid laughter unfolds kindly,

Among thorns of sins to find me,

Or leave me to the waves or grass,

And wait for stars to shine one,

On one airy, distant pass

Of characters to dine on,

And slice and feast, and slice again,

Slice until they bleed again,

And slice until the screams,

Pour from out the lids of eyes,

Pouring in the pulsing sign,

Tell them now to slip along,

Along the tingling prints that hold

My hand until it’s cold,

Or grasp my neck until I faint,

Roll so sickly in thick paint.

Paint a picture, make it cruelly,

Cleverly painted by yours truly.

And soundless, slides the skin off bone,

How does it feel to suffer alone?

Alone will never seem too golden,

Claim all hearts now frozen.

Melt away, my precious gems,

Burrow deep inside your stems,

Belong to some meaningless hue,

Find it harder to construe

All purpose of those vindictive lenders,

Oh, leave the killing to the senders,

And learn not to ask too boldly,

I a tone not half to coldly,

For them to go away, and now

So inadvertently why I,

Seemed so newly gun shy, how

Did they even know?

I suppose cowardice doesn’t show.

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