"Find Serenity"

Through all of this world’s atrocities,

And through all of its hate,

I find you as my solace,

A loving, genuine mate.

At times I may not be the best,

Person to love and hold,

But by and by, I have not,

Felt so chillingly cold,

When you are not by my side,

In your splendor and your pride.

Pale waters keep on rolling,

And leaves will continue growing,

And inside me I can feel,

A connection that is more real,

Than chemicals and of cells,

Far beyond sciences and of hell,

For, ours consists of something eluding,

That I cannot fully grasp,

A feeling that is all too intruding,

Slaying all of my morals,

And freeing me from suffocation,

So leave confusion to its degradation.

Keep me as your muse,

A strong and shining, powerful fuse,

That sparks to life, our oneness,

Don’t live your life too loveless,

Find with me: serenity,

However escaping it may be,

But through, insight and our powers,

We can make this dark world ours,

And lift sorrow from her eyes,

And leave the ignorance to its own demise.

Hold my hand, my heart, my soul,

Steal my interest once more than

You have already stolen,

Swell my blood in its veins all swollen,

With happiness and content,

I’ve yet to see it’s potential yet,

But believe that it will end alright,

Though, for now, just hold me close tonight.

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