"Feather Lightened"

How feather lightened,

Those saccharine dreams.

Who seemed too frightened?

While tumbling down, which way

To drown, that way

Swirls in spindles and dwindles,

Through the night and the day

Plays another hollow tune,

Why…I could taste the moon,

In her lucent, pulsing wave,

Shuddering in her lurid grave.

Between the falling, and the sun,

Tripping is just half the fun,

Ripping every nerve apart,

Sipping on the beating heart,

Yet, slowly do the icy, laces hold

Together imaginings with cold,

Wet fingers, which lingers,

The chilly blue whispers,

I am fainting, I am fainting,

Hush, there passes the wanting,

To step out of the painting,

And halt the creatures taunting,

With a pure, personified shiver,

A splendid, sugary sliver

Of gleam through the bars,

Of morality, the scars,

Of reality, will not tread

On these little circles that will not spread,

My eyes out, who cannot feel,

Though some say that are not real.

And the colors will not agree,

In each maniacal mind,

And the wind will not let me be,

A place I could not find.

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