The Orange Leaf

Magnificent jewels shine in the sun

A cadmium aura illuminates my body

Warm and translucent

Brush strokes of orange fall in the wind

A grey canvas is painted

Vivid and resplendent

A serene calm washes over me

I pick up one perfect leaf and gaze

As its intricacies shine

My eyes focus inward, rolling back

Its veins become my veins

The color consumes me

I am aware of my minuscule existence

Form grasping form

What is around me is already inside

Perpetually cycling

The leaf crumbles to dust

As a final upheaval bends time itself

Kneeling before myself

Particles scatter and dance

Swirling to unheard sound waves

Incomprehensible music

Worlds unknown to me are born

In this moment, holding an orange leaf