"Aaah. . .Life!"

Feel the sunshine kiss your eyes, and leave sorrow to its own demise,

Taste each pleasure as you please, let your soul fall to its knees,

Grasp a meaning and hold it well, learn it, live it, let no one tell,

What you hold, for it is precious, as any rarest of knowledge’s presence.

Fear nothing. Cowardice has no gain, take it from the intense reign,

Of those passed, who rest in peace, knowing the secret to life, at least

Is to revel in the tiniest of things, the senses, the passion, the silence of dreams.

Sway to the wind and smile, living and loving is worth all the while,

Sense the air sifting through every stand, of your hair as you regally stand,

Before the sun, and before the moon, let luminous rays hold you to shiver and swoon,

Only you make life what it is, ignore others who strive and who live,

For greed and for hate, for blood and for war, living a sad life once lived before.

I may not be old, or strong, or found, but I am wise beyond sight and of sound

Mind, as well as those who see living, as the greatest gift from someone who’s giving,

Them to us so freely, ah, but who is the sender? Does it not leave you to sigh and render,

Everything you have known, hoping someday the answer will be shown.

Seek in that vastness of irrevocable entrapment, the beauty of the mind,

And leave all the insignificant behind, for a liver of life to fullest, you will ultimately find.

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