A Black Hole

I sit at the controls. Buttons and switches emit a rainbow of light that bounce off my glazed eyes. Blinking away the view, I inhale a shaky breath, my trembling fingers switching routine protocol on. The eerie glow of outside illuminates the small capsule I’m in. The closeness keeps me safe from the vastness of space. Breathe in the stale air. Forget that I’m stuck here. The silence sucks the thoughts from my head as fast as the appear. Nagging me then disappearing like a grotesque magic act. A disgusting vacuum. As I turn my head to my sleeping chamber, I feel a strange presence behind me. I don’t feel it in the ship with me, rather just outside of it. Languid and looming. I continue on with my one man routine. Ship is in order. I’m just about to prepare for sleep when in feel it. A tingling energy that makes me want to turn toward the dark corridor, the tube. It takes every ounce of me not to turn around and face this visitor. As I wander in darkness, suddenly the ship lurches to the left and knocks me to my knees. The cold steel is unforgiving. The corner of my eye catches something just outside the circular window. Dancing light, beautiful and luminescent winks at me through the glass. More magnificent than the stars beyond, it shines through the cabin with a splendor no man can imagine. As suddenly as the light has shone through me soul it plunges me and the ship into an impossible darkness. Fear grips my pounding heart, squeezing the blood out and rendering me in complete shock. The magnificent light now penetrates the window and assumes itself into me. Paralyzed, I struggle to inhale but there is no air, not for me. My body buzzes with white hot energy as the light forms a shape before my wide eyes. An undulating star form of fractals and god tier beauty manifest throughout me. Each point pierces my skin harder than the last as it rotates and folds in on itself and my body and my mind. The pain is too much for a scream, to much for a thought, a memory. My skin turns inside out and my bones splinter. My consciousness is stretched out for eternity into the cold and stale void.