Obtuse Haiku

A light shines through me

Unbearable yet serene

Golden ensemble

Time crushes my soul

Interwoven splendor here

Clocks fall off the wall

My eyes burn with rage

I’ll set fire to your heart

Blameless sorcery

Never ending void

Turn my meat into stardust

Ambiguous contentment

An uneasy pain

Arises inside me now

Beguiling love

Unfiltered passion

Murky and malignant

Take your eyes off me

Lust and anger form

Into a purgatory

Sticky and lucid

Pernicious love

I am not yours to destruct

Underlying world

Duality comes

 Intrusive and imminent

Torn apart body and mind

Peirce me with your eyes

Squeeze the blood out of my heart

Tell me you love me

Foliage grows not

Inside my soul, a barren

Wasteland of carnage

A new moon darkness

Cleanse my infinite being

A portal appears

A forgotten world

Boils deep within my actions

I’ll strangulate you

Some torrid evening

I’ll drop by with sweet poison

Succulent and sour

Is there room for this?

In a cramped life so loosely

Lips press against each other

A ripped dimension

Forcefully enter my soul

Sanguinary kiss

I’ll penetrate you

Ice cold blade through your insides

You smile through the pain

Grab my pale body

Generous blood fills my veins

I’m just a vessel

A languid morning

Turmoil opens a strange door

I’ll invade your mind

A black rainbow lifts

My eyes to meet your dimension

Chew and swallow me.

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