Dream #12,775

                The beam cuts through the night. Penetrating the low hanging fringe of clouds, shrouded in neon green. An unnatural contrast to the grey city. Piercing all the way to the ground, people cry out in terror. Shrill screams panicking the hearts of those around them, unable to comprehend the sight. From a distance I gaze onto the psychotic glow, my insides churning and sick as I see the straight line from the heavens and beyond pummel into the landscape. A haunting sound emanating from the source. It burns my soul and seeks the fears that lay dormant in my mind. Digging them out like decrepit weeds. I have known this day to happen a lifetime over and infinity has finally consumed itself. I grab my speechless children and head to the nearest building. My husband still out there.

Eyes as wide as everyone around us, terrified and eerily silent, we scurry and smash inside like mice. Crammed together, flesh on flesh we breath in unison, fast and panting. The panic is as thick as smoke, choking us. Unlucky people pound on the glass doors begging to be let inside, but there is no more room to open the door. An unfamiliar smell seeps through the cracks of the building. Nauseating us with unearthly gas, it swirls among us with rotten spores of alien infiltration. Sneaky and transparent, it hunts down nearly half of us as they fall stricken to the ground in sudden death. Cells imploded into dust. I cling to my children as I behold the unvaccinated in piles of ash around us. Bewildered fearful eyes roam the space in shock.

                I see him now clutching at the door with anxiety and sweat. I push around the people sick with newfound grief and let him inside. Our eyes meet and I reach out to embrace him, but as I do he turns to ashes in my arms. My love crumbles all around me. I look down to see him slip though my fingers, just ashes and fillings. He falls onto the heads of our small children, covering them in powder. In an instant, my heart breaks into a void stretched out into an unrelenting purgatory of pain and sadness. I slap my face to wake up, surely this is a dream. The cries of agony crescendo in the room as everyone is covered in their loved ones. Through the glass we see another beam reign down onto the horizon, seeding the earth with poison. I wish to be dust with them, yet I am trapped in a prison of anguish and confusion, unable to wake. Ages pass as I mourn his death in this room for a thousand years. A thin veil of existence between us, the plane just above mocks me. Time shackles me with unending constraint. He’s waiting for me to wake up.