The Well

The edge of the woods overwhelms me with its majestic closeness. The trees, a massive family, sway and dance with the warm spring wind. Squishy earth seeps water between my bare toes. I curl them into the dirt, it’s cold and electric. Impossible green leaves chip away at the lavender sky, about to become dusk. The breeze whips my long hair up and down, I can feel it graze my wings as they begin to sprout out of my shoulder blades. As I walk into the forest, I hold my head high and open and close my new wings. They are so powerful. Inhaling the redolent air, I hear the chanting echoing into the trees. The night of Beltane. The ambivalent energy between spring and summer. Taking energy to give it.

I reach up to my head to secure my wreath of white flowers, the petals are soft and tender under my fingertips. Their odor is fragrant yet pungent. An owl calls to me with its sedating timber. The swollen orange moon peaks behind the dark branches as they shuffle and hiss at me. It tugs at my heart and illuminates the darkest recesses of my soul, reminding me of who I am. Arriving at the clearing I notice the others are also naked, wings on display. Fairy wreaths rustling in the zephyr, petals are incinerated by the huge bonfire. Its glow lights the surrounding wood with cadmium immunity. To be painted but not burned. Left of it, the well. Ancient and drab. Mossen bricks, slimy and cold. I join in the chanting, my energy high. There is to be a feast here. A feast to protect the village, to ensure life continues.

A gust caresses the violent flames as we join hands in a ring around the well. It’s deep. Deeper than the inferno of Hell, farther than the edge of the universe. A portal to another dimension. Time gets lost in its deepness. Time becomes perplexing. She must feast on our energy. We raise our voices higher. We screech a guttural song into the night, reaching ears that will not comprehend. The breeze obeys us with a pause, the trees are silenced. Animals and insects lay in wait. All eyes turn to the well. Icy air begins to rise up from the depth, chilling our vulnerable skin. Suddenly, an unearthly moan fills the well and space, it bubbles up over the edge like tar. Sticky and holding our hearts closer to its center. She’s coming.

My flesh is warm and ready. My mind is paralyzed with fear and awe. My blood is hers. My energy is rare, she wants it. She needs it. There will be a feast here tonight. I must nurture life with my departure. I jump as a black clawed hand breaks the silence. It tightly grips the stone, scratching and hoisting a black skeleton arm over the ridge. Panting and moaning the goddess lifts herself out of the well, glistening crimson ribs in the moonlight. She cracks and jerks with scuttling movement, seaweed hair slops down the side of the ancient brick. Eyes hollow and teeth as sharp as blades bare down on us as she screams, jaw agape with lustful hunger. We quiver and stand together wings folded down, necks exposed and throbbing. She grabs one of us, lightening fast, biting into the soft neck flesh, blood spurting into her insatiable mouth. She noisily chews and sucks, bent over the body like a starving wolf. Claws dig into the backbone, ripping it out like roots from the ground. A sickening snapping sound as she tears through tendon and muscle, devouring every last scrap.

I stand my turn, shivering uncontrollably into the abysmal night, the horrors it has become. The full moon makes like of the gruesome scene. Steaming flesh and salty blood. Death consuming life. I remind myself of the necessity to submit. I relinquish my time here. The vicious feasting continues until only I stand before her. I tremble as vacuum eyes behold my own with their incomprehensible darkness. Blood dribbles down her bony chin, teeth shining with fire light. Her chest heaves with erratic breathing, hot breath reeking of honey and decay. Almost satiated she grabs at me slowly, her strong clawed hand strangulates me. I am hers to consume. Pressing needle teeth into my pulsating skin, I feel each point slowly penetrate my neck. I’d scream if I could breathe, run… if I could move. She needs my energy, she needs my soul. I fold my wings over and close my eyes. She crushes my throat as blood pools into my eyes turning the cadmium into crimson flame. Night fades into nothing. Pain becomes pleasure. The cycle continues until I become her again.


A wave of longing

Forgotten ambivalence

Drive your knife through me

Dripping and sticky

Hot blood flows like loneliness

Sanguinary floor

Your cells are my cells

Rip apart the confusion

Desiccate my mind

Cloudy forms appear

Buzzing energy lifts me

I’ll be back too soon

Purgatory queue

Swirling cavity

Suck me down into nothing


A sea of skulls stare

Into my soul solemnly

Purgatory line

A whiff of decay

Screams of agony echo

We continue down

I get a sharp glimpse

His magnificence is death

Eyes vacuum my soul