"Infinite Void"

Devoid of doubt I am about,

This subject of void and infinity.

I have this aching affinity

For the luxurious space and its other:

Immaculate white and its brother.

They interpolate and they obliterate.

Both extinguish and incinerate.

They perplex me to my core and yet,

I can accept such a complex existence,

Without  conviction or resistance.

Duality governs the entirety and nothingness,

Simple, expansive bottomless

Insides of external collapsing,

Matter- rewind relapsing.

If everything is so miniscule that it’s immense,

Then forget your educated  insolence.

Infinity is void,

Void is infinity.

It’s the only thing that makes sense to me.


It’s finally rolling in. . .

Rolling in so secretively,

A saturated wall of dark moisture looms in the distance.

I can feel the cool wind blow the hair off of my face.

I can smell the electricity and it starts to excite me!

The sun sets behind the wall cloud.

Lightening stikes!

Electric pink outline the mountainous cloud,

It shakes my ribs together.

It bleeds out heavy raindrops,

So cold and substantial.

The wind whips my hair!

The electricity strikes closer,

Such a restrained fury!

Darkness consumes me.

Deep tones fill the air.

What music!

I am frightened and intrigued. . .

Finally the storm I have been waiting for has come to fruition.

"Nerve-ending Eater"

Nerve-ending eater take your knife teeth out of me!

Every day you are chewing on my vulnerabilities.

Haven’t you satiated your hunger yet?

Must you continue to devour my sanity?

A squirming, subcutaneous  vanity.

Must you consume my body?

Lightly strung together molecules.

Cease this rapacious feeding

On my tender nerve-endings,

My raw, exposed nerve-endings.

Stop your greedy feeding!

Stop your grotesque needing!

I will feast upon you when I regain my strength.

"Night Tree"

Night tree in the rain-drenched wind,

Can you feel my vulnerable eyes on you?

Night tree in the darkly shaded air,

Can you feel my mind penetrate you?

You swirl and tangle in the volatile wind,

You cannot see me.

You cannot hear me.

Can you feel me?

I dare not touch you while you dance in this night’s rain.