"Say it is So"

Say it is so. . .

Say there are finally pink raisins in the gutters,

Butterflies without flutters,

Various nuts without butters.

Say it is so. . .

Say there is nothing in the pudding,

Placements on the footing,

Shot guns in the rooting.

Sat it is so. . .

Say anything but the mundane,

Just don’t speak about the rain,

Or what body part in feeling pain.

Say it is so. . .

So is it say?

Then. . . know.

"Translucent Color Butter"

I am walking through a humid mist,

My mind inside  is a mist. . .

My thoughts are quiet.

I see it! A radiant sliver at first glance,

Illuminating through the vibrant green foliage,

Luscious and plump with water.

I move forward to see the rest of it.

Oh my. . . I see it in it’s entirety.

It’s splendid!

It’s gorgeous!

It has rendered,

Me breathless!

This full-spectrum rainbow,

Translucent color butter.

Right now, I have this in my mind.

It fills my mind with a blissful mist.

My thoughts are quiet.

"Loony Bin"

Drip. . . drip. . .drip. . .drip. . .

Something isn’t right in here,

Nothing gives off light in here.

Scratch. . . scratch. . .scratch. . .

Something is scratching my teeth,

Something just beneath,

Me! It’s burrowing in my tongue,

And it’s dripping its blood in me!

I don’t like this, I can’t move.

I can’t move and it’s devouring my throat

and swimming inside the groove

of my belly.

Where it’s sour with wet, decaying jelly.


Can you feel the vibrations?

As they tickle your synapses,

As they trickle down your spine,

They leave no traces behind,

As come and gone through magic,

It’s trivial and it’s tragic.

Did you feel those vibrations?

Grazing your soft pink insides?

Shaking the lightest of matter,

A bone-shard, meeting splatter.

What’s the matter?

Does it hurt now?

Does it spurt now?

I cannot tell you what I see,

it’s too gruesome.